It has been suggested that this route is second to none for those looking to get into multi-day adventure riding.

At 1,300 km in length it’s no small undertaking, but the vast majorty of the riding is both low in difficulty, and full of stunning scenery. The Okanagan of British Columbia really is a dreamy place to visit, or if you are really lucky, to live in close proximity to.


Basic Information

Base Difficulty: D2/6

Available Difficulty: D4/6

Base Distance: 1,300 km

Time of Year: May – October

No. of Days: 3-6 Days



By Okanagan standards, Kelowna is a big city. Make your escape on highway 33 then watch for Philpott Road, turn left, and get into the dirt!

There are some short harder segments in this section, likely the hardest of the trip, so be mindful of the applied difficulty ratings.

When you reach Lumby, gas up and consider visiting Jitter Beans for café style food. If you need camping food, there is a grocery store.

This next leg heads north beside Mable Lake and pops out between Revelstoke and Sicamous. Some people will drive off-route to visit Revelstoke, a classic mountain town. Very cool. If you have never been there, and you are not in a hurry, consider staying the night.

Now, get back on track and head to Sicamous. If you have time and energy, consider zipping up to the hang glider launch for a big view.


Nab some fuel in Sicamous and get on down to the Gorge FSR. Hopefully the weather is agreeable and visibility is good as it can be pretty awe inspiring in here. Prepare to feel pretty small in this vast landscape.

Your next stop is Seymour Arm, a tiny town with a restaurant/bar and a floating marina / liquor store / limited grocery store.

There are some excellent camping opportunities just past the townsite by ~20 minutes, but they can be rather busy, especially on long weekends.

Over the balance of this section you will pass a series of lakes, and small campsites. Welcome to the Okanagan!

After crossing the Adams River bridge go right on Holding Road. You will see some options at Niskonlith Lake before ending the section in the town of Chase.


Fuel up and hit the trail! This segment contains a couple of optional harder sections so be sure to reference the difficulty indicators.

The first option is Red Harper Road, which can be a bit sloppy, and may be littered with cows and cow pies. If not, it can be quite nice, especially the second half.

If you need some simple supplies, gear up in the quirky little store in Monty Lake, then proceed up into the plateau where you will be riding through Douglas Lake Ranch.

If you find yourself a bit low on fuel when in the actual Douglas Lake area, take the access road to Quilchena so you can top up.

At km 180 there is an easy powerline run that leads down under Hwy 97C connector (twice) and on to Bear Main Road towards Kelowna.


The Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail is an abandoned rail line converted to a multi-use trail. The main route for this section will be on the KVR near Bankier.

You will have 3 options at Bankier (76 km). Take a look at the map, and the expressed difficulty ratings, to help guide your decisions.

A good place to stop for food is Hedley Country Store. The park next door is a nice place to have some munchies, and do a little stretching.

The switchbacks on Hedley Nickleplate Road are epic. You may want to stop and take some pictures of the huge view.

After the paved switchback descent from Apex Ski Area, the main route takes you to more dirt on Fairview Road out of Keremeos.

If you are riding the Green Route at Keremeos, stay on Hwy 3A north. Do not follow the Main Route east on Upper Bench.

The Green route after Apex is a wonderful winding paved ride.


The day starts with a fun paved climb up Camp McKinley Road, which turns to gravel at the top. Watch for a left turn onto Baldy FSR.

Check out some of the lakes north of Beaverdell. Lassie Lake has a great view of Big White ski area beyond the lake.

The north end of Big White FSR joins the paved Big White Road. If you want to bypass Kelowna, you can stay on Big White Rd and join the route on Hwy 33. Stay on Hwy 33 until you turn right onto Philpott Rd to rejoin the Day 1 route.

If you are going to or through Kelowna, at km 202 on McCullough Road you can choose the Light Blue route to ride the KVR for 17 km, then descend to Kelowna on the Myra Canyon FSR. This section of the KVR may have bicycles and hikers, so ride with care.

Take a Look



A lot of this route is on resource roads (D: 1/6). It’s not challenging for people people, just way out there and super scenic. There are some segments that get a little more spicy (D: 2/6 mostly). Several of the harder options will take you into D: 3/6.

For a detailed description fo the difficulty rating system please see our FAQ page.

Suitable Motos

Motorcycle riders should refer to our difficulty rating system as it adapts to the different sizes of motorcycles.

Stock four wheel drive high clearance vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers, Broncos, and Tacomas are well suited. Longer and wider vehicles may encounter issues. There will be scratchy sections, so be prepared for some Okanagan pinstriping.


The entire route takes most groups 5 days, however, this is somewhat of a leisurely pace affording time to enjoy a little down time in the towns and associated lovely little cafes.

Motel Nights

If you are staying in motels, and not camping, here are the usual stops.

  • Kelowna
  • Sicamous
  • Chase
  • West Kelowna
  • Oliver

Camping, eh?

If you decide to camp, you have a LOT of options. The GPS package shows over 50 campgrounds. Even if you don’t plan to camp, we suggest packing some gear and you may find yourself smitten by the possibilities.