Hello Fellow Adventurers

EPIC GPS Adventures is a not-for-profit organization that passionately assembles trail networks, routes, and guidebooks for free.

We rely on volunteers to curate, test ride, map, and maintain routes, while our sponsors generously provide funds to create employment positions that align with our goals of developing world-class adventures.

These are Dualsport Routes

The routes that we assemble are designed for travel by off-road capable street-legal motorcycles as well as suitable equipped 4×4 vehicles. On occassion segments will not be appropriate for vehicles, particularlyif they are long, and/or especially wide. We do our best to provide notes.

Support Canadian Dualsport Routes

Your annual or one-time contributions really help us make things happen. Look what we did in our first year, and with less than $20,000.


Outback Motortek

Outback Motortek stems from the passion for motorcycles, metal fabrication and traveling and after 10 years it’s still 100% family owned and operated. We specialize in designing and producing protection and luggage accessories for dual sport and adventure motorcycles since 2014.

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